How to use the All Wales Induction Framework -

advice for workers

From 1 March 2023:

  • we’ll no longer accept new sign ups to the All Wales induction framework website
  • managers won’t be able to invite workers to create an account on the site
  • workers won’t be able to create an account and they’ll need to visit our website if they want to complete the induction workbooks.

If you already have an account, you can continue to use it until the site closes on 1 October 2023. You won’t be able to make any changes to workbooks after this date.

What is the All-Wales Induction Framework?

The All-Wales induction framework for health and social care (AWIF) is a workbook based course which covers the principles, values, knowledge and skills workers need to carry out their role competently. 

There are seven sections to the AWIF, each section has a progress log and a workbook to support the worker in their learning. 

This website can be used to complete digital copies of the workbooks. More information about the AWIF including the process logs can be found on the Social Care Wales website. 

I need to register can I use the AWIF or its principles and values section certificate as evidence?

No, this changed on 1 October 2022. Social Care Wales no longer accepts these certificates to register.

You can however still use any work you have completed in the workbooks as evidence for your employer assessment application to register.

Employers can now confirm their workers applications to register after assessing their understanding against a list of areas. This is completed as part of the application that you would make to register and does not require an action on this website. To find our more about this please visit the Social Care Wales website. 

Getting started

Once logged please click continue to access the workbooks.

Click view to see the sections of  any workbook. If you are completing the workbook online, you need to work through each section providing the required information ensuring you click the ‘Save Progress’ button, before continuing to the next section.

Once you have completed all sections of your workbook you will need to click submit to send it to your manager to evaluate.

We recognise that some workers may have already completed parts of a paper workbook. If you and your manager are in agreement that you have already completed the workbook offline, to reach the assessment you will need to add some text for example ‘completed offline’ to each box, ensuring you click ‘Save Progress’ followed by continue – you must do this for each box in every section of your workbook. It might be easier to copy and paste this text into each section.


Once your sections are saved, they will change from incomplete to complete on the menu.

When all sections of a workbook are complete you must click submit on the main workbook menu for the work to be sent to your manager to review. This will lock your workbook and give your manager the opportunity to approve or reject the workbook in their account.

Once you have passed a section this will become read only, meaning you can see your work and your manager comments but no longer make any changes to that section. Any rejected section can be reviewed and added to before being resubmitted to your manager to be evaluated again.

Once your manager has approved all sections of the workbook they are complete.

Useful information - for workers

Why are there seven workbooks and which ones do I need to complete?

The All-Wales induction framework workbooks can be used to support the completion of an induction for staff who need it. The workbooks make up part of the induction, which workbooks you should complete will depend on your role, for full information about the All-Wales induction framework including the required progress logs that should be completed alongside the workbooks please visit the Social Care Wales website. 

Who should I speak to if I have questions about filling in my workbook answers?

The manager linked to your account evaluates your workbook. They would be the best person to speak to about the work.

What do I do if I need to change the manager set up to evaluate my workbooks?

If you require us to change the manager evaluating your workbooks, please email providing:  your name, your email address, your new managers name and the email address they used to set up their manager account on the site. Once we have this information, we will be able to make the update for you.

What do I do if I am having a technical issue with the site?

If you require assistance with an issue with your account, please email providing: your name, your email address, your managers details, information about the error or issue and confirmation if you would be happy for us to change the password and log into your account to investigate further.

I have forgotten my password and can’t log in?

If you have forgotten your password you can send yourself an email link to set a new one from

I don’t have a submit button on my account, what should I do?

You must complete all sections of your workbook before the submit button will appear. Please ensure that you have clicked the ‘Save Progress’ button at the end of each section. Once all sections are complete and saved the submit button will appear on the main workbook menu next to the name of the workbook. You will know if you have submitted your workbook to your manager as it will lock and say being evaluated.

Downloading copies of completed workbooks.

Once a fully approved completed workbook has been returned to you from your manager, a button called download a copy will appear in your account on the menu next to the workbook name.

This feature has been added to all accounts following feedback that workers would like to keep a copy of their work to be used for future learning. Clicking the download button will create and download a PDF version of your completed workbook, including your manager comments, this may take a few seconds to generate but once created, you will have a PDF which you can then save to your device.

Where can I download a certificate?

From 1 October 2022 the website will no longer issue certificates for completion of the workbooks.

I need to register with Social Care Wales, what do I do?

You will need visit a different website called SCWonline to apply to be on the Register of Social Care Workers in Wales. 

On SCWonline you will need to create your own account and complete the type of application you to register as, for help with registration please visit the Social Care Wales website